Carolynn Cobb  
Working at the Studio Corning Museum of Glass                                                                                                                              

 Artist Statement:

" Hot glass is the most exciting medium an artist could ever work with.  Once it is started, a blown piece of glass must be completed.  As it flows, stretches, inflates, and collapses, the dance between glass, gravity, and the artist is exhilarating.  Once the piece is created, there is nothing more beautiful than light reflecting through glass.   In my work, I often reflect the color patterns and shapes of nature.  Yet I do not attempt to copy nature.  Instead, I allow the elements of nature…silica, lime, ash…silver, copper, gold… to express through me." - Carolynn Cobb

During the weekdays Carolynn works as a consultant and corporate trainer in the Call Center Industry.  She has had the opportunity to travel around the world and visit many glass studios and galleries along the way. 

 These pictures were taken at some of the more colorful places Carolynn has visited.  Select a thumbnail below to view larger version of the photo. 











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    Contact Information:  
   Mailing Address:   P.O. Box 189, Argyle, TX 76226 
       Phone:  972-741-1727         email: ccobb@moltenmagic.com 
 Member: Glass Art Society